What is Airport-CDM

Airport CDM stands for Airport Collaborative Decision Making and is not a purchasable product, but a leading concept created by Eurocontrol to improve collaboration between all aircraft ground handling partners. It is designed to make processes more transparent and promote the extensive exchange of data and information between all those involved. Partners include:

  • Airport operators
  • Aircraft operators (AO)
  • Ground handling agents (GH)
  • Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) 
  • Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC)

Airport CDM is also regarded as an operational approach to facilitate the optimal handling of turnround processes at airports. It is a coherent process from flight scheduling (ATC flight schedule) to landing and the subsequent turnround process on the ground before the next take-off.

The exchange of high-quality information on expected arrival and departure times between Airport CDM airports and Eurocontrol Network Management enables integration into the European ATM (Air Traffic Management) network.

Airport CDM in Germany is based on the European standard for Airport CDM, the common specification for Airport CDM (Community Specification) and the initiative ‘Deutsche Harmonisierung von Airport CDM’ (German harmonisation of Airport CDM).

Airport CDM aims to optimally utilise available capacities and operational resources at the airports and in European airspace by increasing efficiency at every stage of the turnround process.

Airport CDM is designed to cut costs, increase punctuality and reduce fuel consumption and emissions on the runway by minimising waiting times. 

More information on Airport CDM can be found in the AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication) and on the following websites: