Persons responsible for TOBT

All those involved in the Airport CDM process aim to adhere to the TOBT (Target Off-Block Time). In order to keep to this, the target time must be communicated to all those involved. This task is undertaken by those responsible for TOBT. The airline or owner of the flight schedule is primarily responsible for announcing the TOBT. In commercial aviation, however, TOBT responsibility is largely passed on to the relevant ground handling service providers. These are responsible for entering the TOBT into the relevant systems and forwarding it to the Airport Control Center (ACC) in agreement with the pilot or airline. A key task of those responsible for TOBT is keeping to the target time (flight status: ‘aircraft ready’) and notifying the relevant people if this is not possible. In such a case, the TOBT must be postponed.

Within the scope of creating and sending alerts, those responsible for TOBT receive specific email alerts and must respond to these in accordance with requirements.